clue's home

hi, this is my website where i put everything i do.
my name is lost, but you can also call me clue.


I've always been interested in computers and programming, so I decided to make my own website, I do not make propietary software, I believe that everything that can be FOSS, should be FOSS.


I wanna be the guitar guy (IWBTGG)

A hard platformer game made in godot. (This is NOT the full version!)

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Clippy is a clipboard manager for Linux and Mac.

view on github...


AOLBack is a recreation of AIM for Linux, Mac and Windows.

view client on github... view server on github...


QSL (QuickShortcutLanguage) is a coding language to make shortcuts using C++

view on github...

Sites is where I put assets for my sites, or to locally host assets such as the "Fork me on GitHub" Ribbons.

Fedora Simulator

Fedora Simulator,, is a simulator of installing fedora for a school presentation.


CouponF3 is a Chrome and Firefox extension like honey that finds coupons for you.